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A Book by

Natalie Dee Latzka

Author, Speaker, Attorney, Contractor, and Wandering Adventurer


Navigating True North

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As a mountain trekker and adventure junkie, I have undertaken many challenging journeys during my lifetime.  None of them, however, could have prepared me for my journey to find true north.


Raised a Christian, I had been taught that having faith, going to church and “religiously” following the rules would ensure me a solid relationship with God and point me in the direction of a meaningful future.  Despite my best efforts to live the  “right way”, I continuously found myself feeling lost in life.  Eventually, a series of challenging life events left me not only emotionally questioning my faith, but intellectually questioning the very existence of God.


As an attorney,  I understood the importance of finding evidence to defend truth.  As I began to question my faith in God it became painfully apparent to me I had somehow settled for blind-faith, barely able to articulate what I believed much less why I believed it.

Lost and determined to find direction, I asked myself some difficult questions...

·     Does God actually exist?

·     Who is God?

·     What does God want from me?

For the next seven years I painstakingly studied and researched arguments presented by scientists, philosophers, historians and theologians on both sides of these issues and weighed the evidence for myself.   That journey changed my life.

Navigating True North recounts my journey from blind-faith, based on everchanging worldly influences and forces I refer to as magnetic north, to an evidence-based bold faith which ultimately pointed me in the direction of true north.   Along the way, I also discovered a sense of  purpose, meaning and significance I had been searching for all my life.

If you have ever found yourself questioning your faith in God or questioning what you believe and why you believe it, I invite you to join me on this  journey and to weigh the evidence for yourself.  While the journey is not easy, it just could change your life!

Do you understand what you believe and why you believe it?
Explore difficult questions and find bold answers in
Navigating True North

Do you ever find yourself struggling with feelings about God?

Do you hesitate to share your faith because you cannot articulate or defend your beliefs?

Do you understand what you believe and why you believe it?


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